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Here’s a review from Alexia Boesen who really liked Too Much Blood, except for one thing. Read on.

Author: Jane Bennett Munro Published: 2012 Available: in both paperback & Kindle varieties.Available at Barnes & Noble in paperback & Nook varieties.
Synopsis: Pathologist Toni Day receives a call in the middle of the night informing her that a local attorney by the name of Jay Braithwaite Burke has been found dead in his Mercedes. This attorney was known because of his elaborate hedge fund that he had managed to get the entire hospital to invest in. The only ones who didn’t invest were Toni and her husband Hal.Jay disappeared shortly after it was discovered that his hedge fund was actually a Ponzi scheme.
When Toni discovers that Jay bled to death,she’s ready to rule this as a homicide.Before she can do that,his partner Lance dies in similar circumstances. This is quickly followed by a series of house fires that leave both Jay & Lance’s wives and children homeless.
Toni is already dealing with some personal issues of her own.Her marriage is on the rocks. She fears that the emotional distance that she is experiencing with her husband could lead him to an affair. Her suspicions only grow when she sees him with a young,blond twenty-something woman.
However,concerns about her husband’s faithfulness must be put aside as a mysterious illness begins to threaten the lives of those she knows and loves. Can she solve the mystery in time?
Review: Despite seeing that this book had some not so great reviews, I was elated when I got a copy from the author and the following day I dove head first into the book.Mystery books have always been a favorite of mine so I had high expectations for this book.
My expectations were definitely met.This book was an awesome book. Yes there were some issues mainly surrounding the HIPPA laws that I know are in place to protect the patient. As someone who has spent a ton of time in hospitals,I was expecting to be bothered by the violations of HIPPA but I found myself not even caring. That’s how engaging I found the book.
This book kept me guessing the entire time. I really liked Toni and she seemed to have everything all put together even though her personal life was unraveling. I wish I had a better feeling about Hal but I don’t feel like his character was developed as much as I was hoping.Then there was Bambi who I didn’t like initially but I grew to absolutely adore her. Let’s not forget the awesomeness that was Toni’s mother,Fiona. She was full of spunk that was so similar to Toni.
The finale scene with Ruthie and Toni was pure perfection. My heart was racing as I read the pages.It was so suspenseful that I could barely wait to read the next page and the next one.
I would give this book 4 stars. The only reason it’s not getting a full five stars is that I don’t feel like I got to know all of the supporting characters as well as I wanted to. I think she could have tapped into them a bit more,especially Hal.

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I’ve received other reviews that made the same criticism. I think I made the mistake of assuming that everyone who reads Too Much Blood has already met my characters in Murder Under the Microscope. Not necessarily! Of course I’ve gotten the same comment about Murder Under the Microscope too.
It’s too late for me to make any changes to either of those books. Luckily I got some of those criticisms before finishing my third Toni Day mystery, Grievous Bodily Harm. I did go back and flesh out the characters more in that one.
I’m a beginner here. Every book, every critique, is a learning experience. Thanks, one and all, for your reviews. They’re just going to make me a better author.

High Praise for Too Much Blood!

According to Amazon, Too Much Blood has reviews that run the full gamut from 1 star to 5. I haven’t looked at the 1-star. I just don’t want to go there.

This isn’t that. This is a 5-star.

5.0 out of 5 stars          Fascinating!  Intense!, June 7, 2013      
This review is from: Too Much Blood: A Toni Day Mystery (Kindle Edition)      

Where do I start? Too Much Blood by Jane Bennett Munro captured me from that first “middle of the night” phone call that could have waited until morning! You know the one, regarding work, that you can do nothing about, and it wakes up everyone in the house and no matter what you CANNOT get back to sleep! From this moment on, we are inside Toni Day’s mind, living each scene with her, processing the events with her and being poked in the heart with her emotions! Toni is a pathologist, suspicious deaths that need to be examined, bodies that need to be dissected for hidden information, its all part of her life. What happens when a possible murder hits too close to home? The list of suspects is as large as a small town phone book and the possible reasons behind the unusual death of a man who has swindled millions of dollars from investors, is long and varied. The cause of death? Although mysterious in origin, it is brutal, bloody and obviously torturous, the deed of extreme calculation and malice. After finding the cause, will Toni find the murderer before the murderer can add her to their list of victims?
Jane Bennett Munro writes with the knowledge of one who once dealt with the medical society, pegging not only the medical jargon, but the often stereo-typical personalities of those in the medical field. Toni is a brilliant, force to be reckoned with! As I was transported into her mind, following her thoughts, I felt the need to buckle in and hold on tight! Ms. Munro has created and shaped a huge cast of characters that beg to be released from the pages of this tale, they are that real, from quirky to solidly twisted and everything in between! She is not afraid to make the reader hate the character one minute, feel their pain the next! Sarcasm rules, too, with intense dialogue and interaction between characters!
The pace NEVER slows down, the subplots add even MORE reality, because life isn’t a straight line, there are roadblocks, detours and danger signs mixed in with those warm and fuzzy moments. I want to thank the author for sharing this book with me in exchange for my honest review! If you love a good medical mystery, with a dash of romantic conflict, a few fires and you don’t mind the mental sight/smell of blood and guts, you are going to love this book!