It’s getting around!

I’d like to share with you an e-mail I got just yesterday. Here’s a random reader from Indiana, whose wife heard about my book on NPR. How did it get on NPR? I didn’t do it, neither did my publisher. But anyway, here’s the opinion of this reader, who is a pathologist like me. I’d call it a rave review!

Murder under the microscope, a fantastic read!

Dear Dr. Munro, I’m about two thirds through the book but I had to write and tell you how great your book is!  I’m a pathologist in Northwestern Indiana. My group covers eight hospitals and a central Core Lab which serves the lab needs of 26 area hospitals in the Chicaogland/Northwestern Indiana region. Until recently, I was medical director at one of the hospital sites but have since been “promoted” (um…nobody else wanted to do it and I was fool enough to get Cyto Boards) to director of Cytology at the Core Lab.  My wife, who is one of our lab managers at the Core lab, heard about your book on NPR and thought I might like. It is my summer sinful pleasure. I too have done my share of forensic cases for the coroner, whether I liked it or not, and dealt with unreasonalbe medical staff. Of course, now as the director of cytology I get to deal with a whole new level of crazy with OB/GYNs who don’t really have an inkling about Paps and HPV testing. I fell out of my chair  with devilish laughter at the description of the high handed docs in the book. I think you covered just about every scenario of a doc being an ass to the lab and lab staff and to kill off one of them up front…..genius! I do like how you mesh the different threads of the subplots together. I hope that this book is the first of a long series. A similar series somes to mind- Alan Gregory by Stephen White. In this series,  Alan Gergory is a clinical psych and gets involved in the intrigues and deaths of his patients. I wish you great success with your writing!