First Amazon review !

Format: Kindle Edition

For those who enjoy great forensic whodunits, Jane Bennett Munro’s THE BODY ON THE LIDO DECK is definitely for you!

Pathologist Dr. Toni Day is on a Caribbean Cruise vacation with her husband, Hal, her stepfather, Nigel, and her mother, Fiona. What begins as a lovely getaway soon takes a grisly turn. On their first night at sea, Toni’s awakened by what she believes was a scream. When nothing untoward happens, she decides to go up on the Lido deck with a book and wait to watch the sunrise. Instead of seeing a rising sun, she sees a falling body plummeting toward her from the automated sunroof!! With the body on deck and a head bouncing into the pool, Toni does what she does best…begin the search for clues for identity and cause of death.

Being aboard a ship owned and operated out of Britain, it helps immensely that Nigel is a former Scotland Yard detective. Using Nigel’s experience and connections as the means to getting the captain’s and crew’s cooperation, Toni is soon immersed in investigating not one, but multiple bodies and many possible suspects with plenty of reasons for committing murder. As she gets closer to the answers however, she’s getting into more dangerous territory and soon the ONLY people she can truly trust are Hal, Nigel and Fiona!!

The action begins with the first page and doesn’t slow down until the last page! For a reader who feels they’re good at figuring out “whodunit” long before the story ends, I challenge you to figure out the culprit(s)? responsible in this page-turning read!!


My new book is out. I did well at Arts in the Park and at Thousand Springs. My launch party was a success. I’ve sold enough books to pay off my initial investment of 100 copies of The Body on the Lido Deck.

But I’m frustrated.

Usually by now I’ve been on TV in Twin Falls and in Boise. There should have been an article about my new book in the Times News. I should have been able to advertise my new book and my launch party that way.

But my sources seem to have dried up.

I contacted both my contacts at the TV stations here and in Boise by email, twice.

No reply either time.

I sent a press release to the Times News. I scheduled an “event” on their website for the launch party.


I scheduled a book signing at Barnes & Noble for Nov. 5. Thank heavens the same manager who knows me is still there. I scheduled the ‘event’ on the Times News website. I got an email saying that it had been scheduled.

So how come that didn’t happen the first time? What’s the deal here?

Did you ever feel that you had become invisible? Like you could run screaming through the halls and nobody would even notice? Like if Donald Trump ran out in the street and shot somebody nobody would arrest him?

That’s how I feel.

Except I probably would get arrested, and that’s not how I want to be portrayed in the media.

There! Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’ll shut up about it. Because I do have my loyal reading public right here, and countless people at the hospital who read my books, and people at church, for whom I’ll hold a book signing after church on Dec. 4. Right after the Art of the Gift at the Twin Falls Center for the Arts on Dec 3.

Rhonda, who loves me to bits and pieces, would tell me to get a grip.

Henrietta would agitate for her din-din and not give a flying flip one way or the other.

Suck it up, princess.