4 stars! Gosh, I feel better now!

Author: Jane Bennett Munro
Publication: iUniverse Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4502-9862-9
Rating: ****
Dr. Day, better known as Toni, is a young pathologist working at a local hospital at Twin Falls, Idaho. All is going very smoothly in her life. She is happily married, settled in her job and comfortable with her friends. But enter Dr. Shore, a surgeon at the hospital Toni works and re-enter Robbie, Toni’s stalker ex-boyfriend and her life is thrown off the tracks.
Robbie has threatened to kill Toni’s husband and Dr. Shore, having caused enough trouble to Toni, to last her a long time, dies mysteriously. It is really interesting and entertaining how Toni tries to bring her life back to normal after her husband is kidnapped and she is accused of Dr. Shore’s murder and also, how she discovers so many unknown facts about the people around her when she tries to decode the mystery behind the death.
The sequence of events, the truth behind many a rich person, the warmth of friendship, the undying love of a parent for her child, the understanding of a close one, and of course, two full fledged mystery cases running parallel in a single story, everything is described so beautifully in the book, that it makes a compulsive read once you begin. Moreover, though the main mystery plots are solved there are some tiny aspects left unanswered for the reader to imagine and guess.
Only when you feel that it was a dud ending to the mystery that you realize that all was far from over and what lies ahead may be really murky and dark. A real must read for mystery lovers looking for a suspense thriller of a different kind.
The medical jargon used in the book gives it a different feel altogether, much like a green garnishing on a red colored dish, but it does get a little too much at places, given that an average reader would not have a pathology background.
The closing of the book leaves the reader awestruck, by answering an apparently silly question that remained unanswered during the book, giving further insight into the psychology of the people, in general.
Overall, an awesome piece of work by author Jane Bennett Munro, MD, a pathologist by profession. Having read this book, I would obviously want to read her other book, ‘Too Much Blood’ with a hope that it lives up to the level similar to that of this book.

Needless to say I hope so too.

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