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  • khale46

Posted April 16, 2012

AWESOME Medical/Forensic Mystery!!! Must Read!

Who doesn’t like a good Medical Mystery? I personally am a HUGE fan of shows like Forensic Files, CSI, NCIS and anything that has to do with crime solving, forensics and a good little mystery thrown in. This book was just up my alley!

Murder Under The Microscope by Jane Bennett Munro MD grabs your attention from the first page. You walk/read right in to a murder mystery that keeps you guessing until the last page. Although you have a few great guesses along the way, you are left wondering who killed who and for what reason.

You meet young pathologist Toni Day in the first scene as she walks into her office to find a coworker dead on the floor. The book draws you in quickly as you backtrack to learn of office tensions, jealousies, past romances gone bad and the chance that someone might be out to get her, but for what reason? Dr. Sally Shore came in to work alongside them like a whirlwind. What started as a temp position was quickly being rumored to become permanent. But why was she so adamant about bringing Toni and her team in pathology down? What was the reason behind the hostility? And why were so many people dying and being injured in this quickly woven tale of forensics and murder mystery?

Dr. Munro shows not only her working knowledge of pathology and forensics but her great skill as a story teller. Having read a lot of books in the last several months from first time authors and authors who are not well known yet, I can tell you there are some people out there who have great stories to tell but don’t have the talent to tell them with. Those are the ones that I can give a couple of stars to for the plot but not much for the writing skills. There are others who have what is truly talent and skill in writing. They can take a great idea, a wonderful story and they can weave it together into a book that you can’t put down. Dr. Munro is definitely one of the latter. I was thrilled with the detail and the accuracy of the medical processes as well as the ease in which the dialogue and story line flowed. Yes – this book is a 5 star in my opinion. Some may think the medical info is a bit too detailed, but since I enjoy that – I was thrilled with it.

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  • kim0712

Posted April 3, 2012

Oh my, I love medical mysteries whether it is a book, movie or t

Oh my, I love medical mysteries whether it is a book, movie or tv show. Nothing like someone who really knows the ins and outs of the investigative process pouring that experience into a book – and Jane Munro does a fantastic job with “Murder Under the Microscope”!

The main character in this book is Dr Toni Day, who is a pathologist just like the real life author Munro. She is a very successful pathologist working at a hospital in Idaho, but her life is about to be turned inside out when a new doctor, Sally Shore, arrives at her hospital to fill in for an ailing colleague. Although there just to “fill in”, Dr Shore sets out to ruin the reputation of Toni – until she is found dead in Toni’s office. As you might expect, Toni is the main suspect and is thrust into a mystery she needs to solve to save her reputation and life.

This book is a very quick read because it is written in short paragraphs and it is fast paced and will keep your attention. I sat down and read it in one night. Since Dr Munro has quite a bit of experience in forensic cases, it makes this story very believable and I really enjoyed it!

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