Almost Too Much Blood

Too Much Blood, the sequel to Murder Under the Microscope, is now going through proofreading. The publisher, iUniverse, has awarded it Editor’s Choice. My editor, Christine Moore, had lots of good things to say about it. Of course, that was after she hacked it to bits and I practically rewrote it, but then, it’s a much better book now.

Murder Under the Microscope has won an award from the Independent Publishers Book Awards; an IPPY! It got third place in the Suspense/thriller category.

My third Toni Day mystery, Grievous Bodily Harm (working title) is up to 90 pages now. I go through periods when I can’t stay away from my laptop alternating with periods when I can’t stand the sight of it. I spent 2 weeks in Philly with my gentleman friend, and couldn’t stop writing. I actually outlined a plot and rearranged all I’d written to fit into it, something I usually don’t do. Usually I just start writing and see where it goes. Then I came home and discovered that I didn’t have to work this week after all, and do you think I could take advantage of the extra time? Hell no. I spent the whole week either working in the garden or reading somebody else’s mysteries. Maybe that’s therapeutic, I don’t know. Maybe the muse will come upon me at work during the next three weeks, or during the 2 weeks that my gentleman friend is visiting me. It would figure, and he’s used to it. I spent a good deal of our Caribbean cruise writing, too, while drinking gin & tonics, listening to Jimmy Buffett and watching people play in the pool.

My BFF, Rhonda, has provided me with a title for the fourth Toni Day mystery. I’ve joked about people who recoil from me when they find out I do autopsies, like they think I’m going to do one on them. I’d have to kill them first, which reminds me that once upon a time people used to rob graves to provide cadavers for the study of anatomy and pathology, and when they couldn’t find any more graves to rob they attacked vagrants on the street and took their bodies back to the lab instead. The title? Death by Autopsy. Now all I need is a plot. Any ideas?

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