My second Toni Day mystery, Too Much Blood, is now in the editing process. The first round, developmental editing, has come back for me to correct or rewrite, and omigod, my poor first draft looks like it’s bleeding, there’s so much in red! My publisher only recommended line editing, for spelling and punctuation and grammar and the like, but I insisted on having the full meal deal because I thought it would make it a better book, and boy am I glad I did! This is going to take a lot longer than I thought; but it’s early yet. I can still get it out this year.
In betweentimes, I’m working on the third Toni Day mystery, with the working title Grievous Bodily Harm. No idea when that one will be ready as of yet.
I’ve also communicated with authors Cindy Sample, CJ Lyons, and Frank Edwards, and purchased some of their books online. I relax by reading other people’s mysteries. There’s a lot to be learned by seeing what other authors do. My editor has red-lined some stylistic things that I purposely put in because it worked for somebody else, why not for me? I might have to reconsider. Or not. What a learning experience this is! I thought I learned so much from the editor of Murder Under the Microscope, but the learning curve is still going up.
Just one request; to those who have read and enjoyed Murder Under the Microscope, please consider going online and writing me a review. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just a sentence or two. It would really help sell the book for me.
I’m also sending copies off to book review websites and entering it in contests. We’ll see how that goes.
I’ll be in Los Angeles April 20-1 for the LA Times Book Festival on the USC campus. I have a book signing at 4:30 Saturday April 21. Hope to see some of you there! Maybe I’ll get to meet some of my favorite authors, too. What an adventure!

Hey, how’s this for a title? Murder at the Bookfest.

Everything gets used. Everything is fodder for the next book.
More to come later.

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