My world and welcome to it!

My first novel, Murder Under the Microscope, has been out for approximately 6 months now, and now I’m widely known (at least around here) as a published author. I’ve had 4 book signings. Seems like everybody at work has bought it. The doctors who worked with me back in the days of the Twin Falls Clinic & Hospital (AKA Perrine Memorial) have all read it to find out if they’re in it or not, especially the surgeons. (A surgical nurse told me.) The hospital gift shop has sold 30 copies, and I just provided them with 20 more. I’ve done several radio and newspaper interviews, even in such far-flung places as Philadelphia and Augusta, Maine. A lady who sings in church choir with me sent a copy to her exchange-student “daughter” in Australia. It’s getting around.

Still, I never miss an opportunity to mention it to people, and I carry a box of them around in my car just in case somebody shows interest. It’s exciting! In April I get to go to the LA Times Book Fair and sign books there.

Problem is, I’m still working. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, and my partners. I really don’t want to quit entirely; I need to stay abreast of new technologies and developments. I don’t want my novels to sound outdated. At least not very.But maybe there’ll come a day when writing interferes with work. To my severe surprise, I can already see it coming.

Yesterday, I submitted my second Toni Day mystery to iUniverse, under the title Too Much Blood, but that may change. Many many people have asked me if there’s a second Toni Day in the works, and now there is. With luck it should be out in the summer.

Now I’m working on the third Toni Day mystery, and that’s all I’ll say about that, because I’m only on page 23.

I can only write so many of these that take place in Twin Falls, though. At some point I’ll have to place Toni in some other location, like maybe skiing in Sun Valley, or in Long Beach visiting her Mum, or even in England to encounter a long-lost relative, or maybe on a Caribbean cruise! That will require research, and I may actually have to go to those places to do it!

What a nightmare!


 I welcome thoughts, suggestions,comments, praise and adulation…whatever.


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