Hello Mystery Lovers!

Dr. Jane Bennett Munro

Did you ever have a person in your life that you really hated? Someone without whom your life would be so much easier, only it’s illegal to kill them? What did you do instead?

What I used to do is threaten them that someday they would be in my book; you know, the one I’m going to write someday.

Well, someday is here.

Over the years, I’ve developed a little list of candidates for extermination, and in my books I plan to kill them off, one by one. At least for starters; the list isn’t that long. Perhaps you, my readers, can add your own candidates to my list for future books. One of my doctor friends has already done that.

I’ve had essentially the same job for 34 years now, and feel pretty secure in it, but that wasn’t always the case. Many years ago, when I was much younger and hadn’t been out of residency that long, we had a locum tenens (temporary) physician to help with call on the weekends. Soon, she was working during the week as well, and she got abusive with the lab right away. When I tried to intervene on behalf of my techs, she attacked me; brutally; publicly. She ruined whatever self-esteem I had. All the other doctors sang her praises, and didn’t back me up at all.

My protagonist, Toni Day, isn’t me; but she walks in my shoes. She’s a lot more confrontational than I am. My solution to this problem was to just stay the hell out of that doctor’s way until her time was up and she left. Of course there was never any talk of putting her on the medical staff, and she never threatened my job, either.

But what if she had?

What would I do? Bitch and moan? Fight back? Threaten to resign?

Luckily I never had to find out. But Toni does.

In Toni Day, I created a character who is what I wish I could be; smarter, more assertive, more confident, certainly more athletic, and a lot snoopier.

In Sally Shore, I made the locum tenens a brilliant surgeon with impeccable credentials, and as such, why is she here? Why does she start off being so antagonistic to Toni? And why does she have such a stranglehold on the medical staff that she can just have people fired at her demand? What gives her so much power?

Toni could have cheerfully killed her, but she didn’t. Somebody else did it for her, and made sure she’d get blamed.

What next? What’s Toni going to do now? How’s she going to get out of this mess? Find out. Read Murder Under the Microscope, and enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Hello Mystery Lovers!

  1. Congrats!!! Dad picked me up a signed copy, cant wait to read it! You should use me as a character upcoming. It would be way fascinating reading about how I fix dish machines. Call it “Murder At Mimis Cafe” Ok probably not. Love you, Randy

    • Hey Randy, guess what? Everything gets used. So once I’m done with Too Much Blood, Grievous Bodily Harm, and Death by Autopsy, I just might be ready for Murder at Mimi’s Cafe. Hey, I think we all ate there once, didn’t we?
      Love, Auntie

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